Adam Serra Sanfelin

From Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

With spring nearly finished and summer just starting the morning Colors are changing and the activity around the town is a little different.

I had the Fuji XT2 with me and as usual the XF23 and 35 , the Viltrox 85 1.8 and the XF 50-230mm

I took some photos of an old man tending his rice field on the way to work that I really enjoyed and we stayed a night in a hotel and I woke hangover So one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve seen.

4:45 am

The color was so red was just incredible to see. I took the little Fuji and 50 to 230 down to the beach hung over I got some nice photos

The view from the window.

One of the best photos I think I’ve taken in a very long time was an old man his back was completely hunched from years working in Rice Field he must’ve been naughty if he was a day. It was the same middle Fuji and 50 to 230mm lens Click that lens is probably one of the cheapest lenses that Fujifilm Mike’s bright absolutely love it it’s light sharp and renders colour absolutely amazing.



The last images are from Saturday with the family at the beach and few from earlier in the weekend that I wanted to share I especially lof Kai having a shower after surf

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