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Golden week has come and gone in 2022 here in Japan. Based in Aoshima Miyazaki it was quite different to head north and away from the warmth of the south for the The Short holiday.

Kai has recently started riding a new surf board shaped by a renowned shaper here in Japan, KSD surfboards. Kim san, the owner , who is the founder and shaper often comes to Miyazaki to surf and it was a a great chance to catch up and meet him and talk about his style of boards and his history of shaping boards here In Japan.

Basically we packed up the car and headed north about 2 hours from home , not to far arrived at our location. The camp site is a free camp located literally on the beach front that is made up of pebble sand mix and turned out to hold pretty good size and shape regardless of the wind and tide conditions.


We set up camp literally on the beach and hit the water. Kim san still rips like someone half his age and turns out he was a former competitor on the JPSA ranking top ten in all Japan and Gifu prefecture number one.

The wave came up a little from when we arrived and the wind backed off and we were treated to some super fun 4ft waves everyone was loving. The setup is amazing with so small a crowd it was hard to believe , a little hard to get in the water with the first steps over oyster covered rocks as the only hurdle.

I hope you enjoy

As per usual I took up the GoPro and dome housing which leaked after the first swim so had to be cut short , the Fuji X series camera 35f2 23f2 and the Viltrox 85f1.8 hoping for some snaps of Kim san . The only tele I took up was the little 50-230mm Fuji , small light and not a huge reach but I do love want it can create and with a full frame equiv of about 350 it gets the job done.

Kai at dawn.

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